Abelstedt Flora Collection

Iconic elegance finds fresh creativity in delicate floral designs.

With the Flora collection, inspiration begins with the brilliance of nature cultivated from flowery drawings made in our design studio.

Abelstedt flora collection

The Inspiration Behind the Collection

The inspiration for the Flora collection is derived from the beauty and fineness that nature can perform. This collection will show the beauty of uniting the dashing wonder of blossoming nature with the sophistication and delicacy of Abelstedt jewelry.

The Natural and Fine Have Never Coexisted so Beautifully

“Nature's beauty will stay timeless and so will jewelry designs from Abelstedt. As nature keeps developing, Abelstedt jewelry does not decay or go away. Flora jewelry pieces are a chance to hold onto the past and at the same time reach out into the future” – Julie Abelstedt.

Bloom with a View

Our #Tulip Flora designs are dazzling displays of natural organic forms juxtaposed with graphic modern elements.

Last but Not Least

Flowers are an amazing creation filled with layers and layers of new discoveries and levels. Like flowers, jewelry from the Flora collection are supposed to be mixed together to create a stunning symphony.

Abelstedt flora collection

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