Abelstedt Stories

From our latest designs to the stories, people and things that we’re incredibly excited about, a look ahead and behind the scenes at all that’s new, brilliant and beautiful in the world of Abelstedt.

Abelstedt founder Julie

Story of Julie Abelstedt

I live and breathe creating the brand and culture behind Abelstedt that authentically values bringing our customers love and keeping their causes close to heart.

Abelstedt earrings in spotlight

Jewelry of Abelstedt A

Discover the pieces, story and inspiration of the collection crafted after the bold and fine lines of the architectural Abelstedt A letter.

Abelstedt heart collection

Jewelry of Abelstedt Loving

Discover the pieces, story and inspiration of the collection crafted after the romantic vision behind Abelstedt.

Abelstedt model

Summer Jewelry Bestsellers

Ready to be dressed up for those warm summer nights at the beach or terrace party? Well, Let us suggest some of our most popular summer pieces that can make your heart and smile shine as much as the summer sun.

Abelstedt oxford collection

Jewelry of Abelstedt Oxford

The pieces of the Oxford Collection are bold to stand on their own but stacking the collection can only give an extraordinary look.

Abelstedt flora collection

Jewelry of Abelstedt Flora

The Abelstedt Flora Collection features jewelry inspired by the most wonderful characteristics of nature.

Abelstedt blogger

Sandra’s Story

Stunning Sandra Benz is a Munich based marketing project manager and blogger. Hear about her style, personality, and favorite Abelstedt ring.

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